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By Marc A. Greenberg

Revis to be at Camp; Mangold…. maybe not:

Darrelle Revis has stated that, although he wants to be the highest paid CB in the league, he will attend training camp. (hmm.. I wonder if that $20 million clause has something to do with it). You have to be a little frustrated with Revis here. I understand that he had an incredible year last year, and I understand he wants money, but stop staying you are only doing this because the Jets “promised” you a new deal.  You want more money, you think you have earned more money, I’m sure your agent is guaranteeing more money, so enough already.

Nick Mangold, in an attempt to garner some attention, has now stated that he is unhappy with the way negotiations are going with his contract and might sit out camp. Not the best of news here.  Mangold is in the last year of his contract.

You have to wonder if it’s the Jets or the players causing these problems.  Are the Jets fools for publicly talking about contracts rather than quietly negotiating (Yankees keep everything under wraps), or are the players trying to get as much as possible even though they are under contract?

Either way, the bringing in of Cromartie, LT, and Taylor and the departure of TJ and Faneca has obviously caused some problems in house.

I wonder if we would be having these discussions had the Colts left Manning in for the entire game?

In other news to aleviate the Jets worries:

The Denver Broncos have given NFL Sack leader LB Elvis Dumervil until Monday to sign his $3.168 million RFA tender or, the team will pull the offer and exercise its right to reduce Dumervil’s salary for the upcoming season to 10 percent above what he made last year, which would be about $630,000.