Revis skips OTAs, Jets in Chaos

By Marc A. Greenberg

Darrelle Revis has decided to sit out OTAs over his contract dispute, officially starting chaos at Jets camp.

Obviously unhappy with his rookie contract which has 2 years remaining at $1 million per year, and with the knowledge that the Jets had allegedly promised a new deal, it is unknown how long Revis will be out for.

The concern now becomes:

1. Revis becoming a distraction;

2. The Jets causing Revis to be unhappy with them;

3. Giving Revis a monster contract and facing Mangold, Harris or D’Brick sitting out next.

If the Jets were smart on this one, they would resign Revis, and publicly state that they promised a new deal and would not go back on their word.

Chaos begins.  Let’s see if Rex Ryan can keep the troops in line for this one.  It’s only June….