Thoughts from a busy Draft weekend

By Marc A. Greenberg

Now that the draft is over, and the Jets brass can look ahead towards inserting new players into the mix, let’s examine what the past weekend gave (and took away) from the Jets.

1. Kyle Wilson will be a good CB in this system. He has confidence, can play the Nickel the first year while watching and learning from Revis and Cromartie, and will hopefully take Cromartie’s place next year opposite Revis.

2. Alan Faneca departs.  Not really too happy about this one. Allegedly the Jets asked Faneca to take a pay cut, which Faneca refused, and the Jets dropped him. This move stinks of a cost-cutter, and not something in the best interest of Jets. Yes, he is old; yes he is expensive; but if you are serously trying to make a super bowl run, you better make sure your line is in order. Curious to know how Sanchez took this news.

3. Leon Washington departs.  Two reasons I see the Jets shipping Leon to Seattle, along with a 7th round pick, for a 5th round pick; First, who the heck knows if Leon will be ready in September (or ever for that matter); and Second, the Jets were not prepared to give Leon a big payday.  Leon makes a living out of his cuts and quick moving ability. Who knows if he can be that effective again.  With the signing of USC RB Joe McKnight in the fourth round, the Jets hope McKnight and his quick cutting ability can replace Leon immediately.

4. Patriots release Adalius Thomas.  Hmm…. You think the Jets wish they could take back the Jason Taylor signing now?  You think Rex would have wined and dined and practically begged JT (age 35) to come to NY had he known Thomas (32) would be available?  The question now is whether the Jets sign Thomas and release Bryan Thomas or…. (wait for it)  Vernon Gholston.  Although the Jets did restructure Gholston’s contract to reduce his base salary, and are moving him to DE, so it appears that he will get another shot this year.