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Jets to offer deal to Taylor

By Marc A. Greenberg

Like it or not, the New York Post is reporting that the Jets have offered a 2 year, $3.5 million deal to former Dolphins 6-time pro bowler Jason Taylor.

With Jay Feely signing for $1.5 million in Arizona, that means the Jets are limited to offering $1.5 million this season to a free agent. Taylor, who made just under that amount last season with the Fins, would fit that bill.

While it is widely known that Taylor wants to finish his career as a Dolphin, GM Jeff Ireland has publicly told Taylor (and everyone else), that no decision will be made by the Dolphins until after the draft on April 22. That essentially means that, if the Dolphins can draft or trade for a better player, Taylor won’t be given an offer at that point.

It’s a risky move for Taylor at this point considering the Jets have an offer on the table.  If the Dolphins have a solid draft and the Jets tell him to go away. Taylor could find himself in trouble.

For all the hoopla surrounding Taylor and his negative comments towards the Jets and Jets fans, at the end of the day this is a business. Taylor is a competitor who pumps himself up for games in his own way. For Jets fans to say they don’t want this guy simply because of his attitude is naive. The NFL is much different today than 30 years ago. There is no loyalty, there are no dynasties, and if a player can help a team (and keep a coach employed), that player will be signed.

If Jets fans only knew the embarrassment and anger that Dolphins fans are experiencing in Miami right now about this situation, it just may change their minds about Taylor.

ps. Rex Ryan has promised Taylor 12-15 sacks this year which is about 12-15 more than Gholston will make. Gholston however can brag about his higher salary over Taylor.