Jets fail to give 1st rd tender to Washington

By Marc A. Greenberg

For those who were waiting for the Jets to decide on a third RB behind Shonn Greene and Leon Washington, just hold tight…

In another move in what is starting to become a real life soap opera, the Jets gave a second round tender offer of $1.759 million to Leon Washington and not a first round offer of $2.521 million.   For any team that wishes to sign Washington (if any aren’t scared of the injury), the Jets would receive a second round pick in return.

In response, Washington’s agent put the odds at 50/50 “at best” of Washington’s return to the Jets, adding that Leon will be “100% healthy and ready for camp, either in NY or elsewhere.”

Like sand through the hour glass…

So what does this all mean?  By not giving Washington an extra $800,000, the Jets appear willing to let him go.

Now, before Jets world comes crashing down, remember that Leon is coming off major surgery and, if a team signs him, a second rounder could be pretty valuable considering the following three reasons:

1. Washington may not be the same player;

2. The Jets got to the AFC Championship Game without him; and

3. There are quite a few RBs out there (hello Mr. Sproles), including a large amount in the Draft this season.

In any event, the injury to Washington would probably scare off any other team, meaning he will be back for the Jets, in good spirits or not.


– With former Ravens LB and most recent Patriot Adalius Thomas expected to be released tomorrow, sources say Thomas has expressed a major interest in reuniting with Coach Ryan.– Jets also tendered a second round offer to Brad Smith.

– Braylon Edwards received a first and third round tender from the Jets.

– RB Mike Bell of the Saints did not receive a draft pick tender meaning the Jets can sign him without sacrificing any picks.

– CB Lito Sheppard will be released tomorrow along with Thomas Jones.