Game time

By Marc A. Greenberg

In anticipation of Sunday’s playoff game at San Diego, here are some keys to look for:

1. Blitz, blitz, blitz.  San Diego has too much talent on offense. Way too much. Philip Rivers has 3 solid receivers (Vincent Jackson  and speedy Malcolm Floyd among them), TE Antonio Gates, and RB Darren Sproles, to look for. That’s a lot. Probably more than the Jets have seen this season. If the Jets can put some pressure of Rivers, they stand a chance of hanging in there. The Jets front 4 is not good enough to force any pressure (see Week 1 through last week), so it’s up to the confusion of the Blitz.

2. Chargers are 20th in the NFL against the run. The Jets need to control the ball to win. Run hard and run often.

3. Braylon Edwards needs to make the catch.  Sanchez will only get one shot Sunday to complete the deep pass to Edwards. It must be caught.

4. Field position. The Chargers are among the NFL’s best in punting and kicking. The Jets should expect to be backed up early and often in their zone. It’s up to them to push the Chargers around and gain some field position.


In a glorious defensive game, the Jets will force Rivers and the Chargers to cough up the ball on 3 occasions and win the turnover battle. The confidence of the Jets defense and running game will explode in the second half and the Jets will be victorious in Cali.  Look for Shonn Greene to continue his solid play and look for Mark Sanchez to throw bullets all around the field.

Jets 27- Chargers 17