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Peter King picks Revis for Defensive player of year. World ends

By Marc A. Greenberg

In what can only be described as the apocalypse, Peter King of CNNSI has picked Darrelle Revis for Defensive Player of the Year.

Although King praises other defensive players, (Dumervil, Sharper, Woodson), he relies on, and accurately so, the following stat from Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders:

“Schatz has built a database that illuminates some dark statistical positions. At cornerback, for instance, interceptions are often not the best measurement if the player is not being thrown at much. So Schatz keeps numbers on the other important stats for defensive backs — average yards allowed by team to No. 1 receivers (figuring that many corners will match up on the opposition’s best wideout), average yards-after-the-catch allowed to opposing No. 1 receivers, and, to measure physicality, run tackles by cornerbacks.

In average yards allowed to top receivers, the Jets lead the league by a wide margin at 30.5 yards per game — and that’s almost always been Revis’ man. Washington (43.6), San Diego (44.5), Philadelphia (45.5) and Green Bay (48.5) follow. In average yards-after-the-catch, the Jets are first, at 2.6 yards, followed by Indy (2.9), Philadelphia (3.1), Denver (3.1) and Cincinnati (3.2). Woodson is second in cornerback run tackles with 35, while Revis is eighth with 20.”