Ned Ryerson?

By Marc A. Greenberg

At what point in yesterdays excruciating 10-7 loss to the Falcons did you realize that you had been there before? At what point did you know that these Jets were going to lay an egg and play an un-inspired, unemotional, lazy game?

1. Was is when the Jets offense sputtered through the game as if this was a gimme?

2. Was it when Feely couldn’t attempt his first FG, in the red zone, because Clemens dropped the snap?

3. Was it when Feely’s 2nd FG attempt, to end the half, sailed wide right?

4. Was it when Feely’s 3rd FG attempt was blocked?

5. Was it the potential INT that Leonhard had bounce right off his stomach that would have been returned for a TD?

6. Was it when the Falcons marched down the field in the final 2 minutes, down 7-3.

7. Was it the potential INT by Revis that was dropped (Seriously, Revis should have about 30 INTs this season).

8. Was it the penalties?

9. Or, was it on 4th and goal when the Jets, for some reason, decided not to cover Tony Gonzalez in the end zone?

They always do this.