By the numbers

By Marc A. Greenberg

With three games remaining, it’s time to look at the Jets offensive statistics to determine what kind of season we are looking at, individually.

QB – Mark Sanchez: 53.2 % passing, 2049 yards, 11 TDs, 17 INTs.

RB – Thomas Jones: 263 rushes, 1167 yards, 4.4 avg., 11 TDs.

Last season, Jones had 290 rushes for 1312. Remember this was with Brett Favre. Yes, he will have about 320 rushes this year, but with a rookie QB, that number should be much higher. In 2007 he had 310 with the 4-12 Jets.

WR – Jerrico Cotchery: 42 catches for 688 yards, 3 TDs.

Jerrico might match last seasons 858 yards but won’t come close to his 71 receptions.

WR- Braylon Edwards: 26 catches for 403 yards, 3 TDs with Jets.

With 873 yards last season, Edwards will not approach that number this season.

TE – Dustin Keller: 38 catches for 461 yards, 2 TDs

48 for 535 in his rookie year last season. Keller has a shot at beating those numbers which is saying something considering Keller and Sanchez did not appear to connect much early on.

K – Jay Feely: 25-29 FGs, 26-26 XPTs.

P – Steve Weatherford: 67 punts for 2844 yards, 42.4 AVG, 19 kicks in the 20.

Without completely stating the obvious, the Jets needed, and still need to run the ball more. Thomas Jones needed the ball when it mattered most (See Buffalo, week 6).