Glorified “D”

By Marc A. Greenberg

Here’s all you need to know about the Jets 26-3 victory over the Bucs on Sunday:

1. Jets defense is good.

2. Tampa Bay offense is bad. Very bad.

3. Kellen Clemens will never be ready to lead this team. Yes, he made some nice plays (pass to Woodhead and Edwards over the middle), but that first quarter pass attempt to Cotchery in the end zone that floated out of bounds was just sad.

4. You know when you attend a Pearl Jam show and have 100% confidence that Corduroy will be played?  That’s like Jay Feely right now. You have 100% confidence that Feely = 3 pts.

5. The Bucs first, first down came in the third quarter on an after the play roughness penalty by Bart Scott instead of being 4th down.  That’s how good the Jets defense was yesterday. Light Years ahead of the Bucs. (Incidently, that penalty led to the Bucs only points).

6. The first half yesterday =  Jets 119 rushing yards. Bucs 6. Overall, in the first half, Jets outgained the Bucs 195-15.  (The Jets finished with 175 rushing yards; 99 from Thomas Jones who also had 2 TDs.

7. The Jets converted another fake punt, this time when Brad Smith took the direct snap and made a 27 yard pass and run to Eric Smith.

8. Darell Revis with his 6th INT. Is this guy defensive player of the year? Can’t find a Betterman right now.

9. Bucs QB Josh Freeman, looking Comotose at times, was not comfortable yesterday. Perhaps an INT on the first play of the game can do that to you.

10. It’s Hard to Imagine that the Jets are still in playoff talks but they are tied for the 2nd and last Wild Card spot along with the Dolphins, Ravens and Jaguars.