Fight for the AFC East?

By Marc A. Greenberg

With 4 to play, the AFC East is separated by 1 game.

Here are the remaining schedules and how the Jets can make the playoffs.

Patriots (7-5)

Home to Panthers (5-7)

At Buffalo (4-8)

Home to Jacksonville (7-5)

At Texans (5-7)

Dolphins (6-6)

At Jacksonville (7-5)

At Titans (5-7)

Home to Texans (5-7)

Home to Steelers (6-6)

Jets (6-6)

At Tampa Bay (1-11)

Home to Falcons (6-6)

At Colts (11-0)

Home to Bengals (9-3)

Ok.  Looks a little tough considering the Jets won’t own the head to head against either New England or Miami. That means the Jets need to finish with a higher record.  For that to happen, either two things must happen:

1) Jets win out. Finishing with a 10-6 record and hope the Patriots go 2-2 in the remaining 4 and Dolphins go 3-1.

2) Patriots completely collapse. If the Jets go 3-1 or even 2-2, they need the Patriots to go 1-3.  This option affords the Jets the chance to lose to both the Colts and Bengals and hope the Patriots just lose. The Patriots are 1-5 on the road this year, and clearly seem to be missing something. But 1-3 might be hard to imagine. (read about Tom Brady questioning teams toughness)

Interesting team to watch:

The Jacksonville Jaguars at 7-5 are the 2nd team to qualify for the wildcard (Broncos 8-4) at the moment. The Jaguars final four games are against: the Dolphins, Colts, at Patriots, at Browns.   Tough to decide whether to root for the Jaguars in an attempt to help the Jets in the AFC East, or root for the AFC East in an attempt to help the Jets get the wild card.