Ohh Canada

By Marc A. Greenberg

All eyes will be on Toronto tonight as the Jets head north to play the Bills in Toronto as part of the NFL Expansion Show.

More specificallly, all eyes will be on AFC Defensive Player of the Week Darrell Revis against T.O.   Said T.O.: “I hope they don’t think they are going to see the same me that they saw the first time.”

We’ll find out beginning at 8:20 pm tonight.So what are the keys to the game tonight?

1. Thomas Jones. Like a fine wine, Jones is just getting better with age. Facing a top 10 ranked defense against the pass, the Jets need to use Jones early and often. Much like last week against Carolina, the Jets cannot be afraid to run the ball on second down to force short third downs.  With 318 rushing yards against Buffalo in the teams first meeting, look to Jones running a lot tonight.

2. Dustin Keller. We saw the potential last week as Sanchez and Keller connected. Will it continue again?

3. Buffalo Defense. While ranked 7th in the NFL against the pass, will the Bills have the opportunities to change the game as they did last time both teams met?

4. Mark Sanchez. Please just slide.

5. Kerry Rhodes.  “We’ve got five games left. I’m going to play hard. When you’re in a situation like this, you can’t go into the tank because … other teams look at that.”  Please tell me what this means, Kerry, because from my standpoint, it only means: 1) You have given up on the season, and 2) You know you won’t be a Jet after this year. (Rhodes signed a 5yr, $33.5 extention before the 2008 season).

Predictions:  In what could be a somewhat slow moving game, the Jets will run the ball early and often and wear out the Bills who are still recovering from a physical game Sunday against the Dolphins.  With CBs Strickland and Lowery out with injuries, the Bills could look to Lee Evans to provide a spark.

Jets 31

Bills 17