Report Card Monday

By Marc A. Greenberg

Safe scores all around today.

The Jets played a conservative run approached game and the 17-6 final score adequately showed it.

Jets Grades from Sunday

QB: B.

Mark Sanchez (13 of 17, 154, 1 INT) was controlled and calm in the pocket. The only major complaint is Sanchez’s refusal to slide when on the run. (3 runs for 27 yds). A scare in the third quarter should wake him up from here on out.

RB:  B.

Thomas Jones (25 for 75 yds) has been the model of consistency this season. Another solid running game. Shonn Greene (10 for 36 yds) fumbled early but showed some spark on a couple of runs.

WR: B.

Nothing special here.  Braylon Edwards (3-40) showed his size on a pass and run play when he stiffed armed a Panthers CB and ran over another. Cotchery (1-12) was not a factor.

TE: B-

Encouraging game from Keller (4-68) as he was utilized more. A potentially costly fumble will be forgotten as long as he realizes his mistakes.

Defense: B.

Another shut down game from Revis (2 INTs) with one INT returned for a TD.

2 INT’s from Rhodes was unexpected. Considering how bad the Panthers have been this season on offense, it might be safe to assume that anything can happen.

Rhodes’ replacement, Eric Smith, had a solid game with 8 tackles.

Pace and Thomas contributed with sacks.

K: B-

Feely badly missed a 40+ yd FG, but converted a critical 47 yarder in the fourth quarter to put the game away.

Coaching: B

Give the Jets credit here. They didn’t push Sanchez and actually decided to run the ball for a change on second down. The Jets third down conversion percentage was up Sunday due to many 3rd and shorts, as compared to previous weeks.