Throwin’ up

By Marc A. Greenberg

It wasn’t the fact the Jets lost to the Patriots, 34-14;

It wasn’t the fact that the Jets came out absolutely flat in the first half and were down at one point, 24-7;

It wasn’t the fact that Wes Welker, with 15 catches and 192 yards, shredded the Jets defense, with once again, Kerry Rhodes nowhere to be found;

This was Mark Sanchez’s time to declare to the NFL that he was ready to play with the big boys. This was Sanchise’s time to show the Jets that he was the real deal.  In a must-win game, Sanchez threw four Interceptions and lost a fumble on a sack. In a game reminiscent of the recent Bills disaster, Sanchez, who at times looked the part of a star NFL QB with a solid third quarter drive and a perfect TD pass to Cotchery, was downright awful at other times with mindboggling throws that resulted in INT’s.  For the Jets to do anything this year, Sanchez needs to learn to either tuck the ball and take the sack or throw it away; Not throw it up.

There was a chance here for the Jets. Down 24-14, the Jets had the ball and had the crowd. Rushed to the left side, Sanchez threw it up again, this time looking for Cotchery. Brandon Meriweather easily picked it off and set up Laurence Maroney for a 1 yd. TD. Game.

The Jets (4-6), losers of sixth out of seven, are now three behind New England and two games under .500.

Yes, Mark Sanchez is a rookie. Yes, Mark Sanchez has won games for the Jets this year. But, this was the chance to get the Jets back into the Playoffs race. This was the chance the Jets wanted. To show the NFL that they can come into New England again and win. It didn’t happen.


Sanchez for the season has 10 TDs and 16 INTs.

Credit to V for mentioning to me that a fire alarm went off last night at 1am in the Jets hotel, forcing everyone to go outside.

The Jets actually blocked a punt (Eric Smith) and returned the ball for a TD. (Brad Smith).  That marked the first such time since dec. 1986 the Jets accomplished a blocked punt for a TD.