Cry me a river

By Marc A. Greenberg

Pretty good… Pretty… Pretty good.

The focus all week in Jets land has not been on the teams loss to Jacksonville last sunday; it hasn’t been on the freefall that has seen the Jets lose 4 of the 5 and face first place New England this week.

Cry me a river….

Jets land has been attacked by the media writing about how Rex Ryan broke down in front of his players this week and cried.  The media is up in the air as to whether Ryan’s “cry, cry again” antics (an Artsy Movie), were good or bad.


Could it be that Ryan’s display of emotion (intentional or not) has totally and completely taken the media off the players and let them:  A) Forget the horrible loss last week at home, and B) Allowed them to focus on New England without any distractions ?

While we probably won’t be confusing Coach Ryan with: Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Seacrest, Ryan O’Neal, Meg Ryan, or Private Ryan, for that matter, this outward display of emotion could be Oscar Worthy.

Time will tell. Sunday to be exact