Let’s see it

By Marc A. Greenberg

While Sundays game against the Jacksonville Jaguars will feature RB Maurice Jones-Drew against the Jets power defense, a familiar face may finally have the chance for his first INT of the season…

Come out, come out, wherever you are, Kerry Rhodes.

Yes, the Jets defense has been great this year.

Yes, Kerry Rhodes, 27, has done a good job against the run.  Fine.

But Zero INts, Zero Sacks, and Zero Forced Fumbles?  Seriously… Zero?

For a guy with a cap value over $5.5 million this season, Rhodes needs to step up and show Coach Ryan that comparisons to Ravens Safety Ed Reed weren’t that ridiculous to make.

2 tackles against the Raiders?

1 tackle against the Dolphins?

Heck, even Vernon Gholston had a tackle against the Dolphins.

Stop the run, force Garrard to throw one up, and make sure Rhodes knows where to be Sunday.