Jets vs. Dolphins – Key Matchups

By Marc A. Greenberg

Sunday afternoon, the New York Jets look to redeem themselves from their earlier Monday Night loss to the Miami Dolphins.  Here are the key matchups to look for:

1. Jets Defense vs. the Wildcat.

It wasn’t hard to see that the Jets could not figure out the Wildcat during the last meeting. On the Dolphins first possession, RB Ronnie Brown took the snap and threw a pass play. From that point on, the Jets looked hesitant in attacking the run. Look to see if the Jets attack the run and force Brown to throw the ball up rather than sit back and wait.  The absence of Kris Jenkins could be evident in this matchup as Jenkins was dominant in the teams earlier meeting

2. Jets offensive line vs. Miami Defense

The Jets offensive line has been steamrolling Defenses for two weeks now. Continuing that trend is crucial to Sunday’s game. Solid games from Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene will open the field up to Sanchez who will need to make a few key plays in order for the Jets to win.  Which brings us to:

3. Braylon Edwards vs. Vontae Davis.

With Dolphins CB Will Allen going down for the season, the Dolphins will be playing with 2 rookie CBs.  After the Jets look to their explosive running game, you can be sure play-action pass plays will focus on Edwards.

Predictions for the game Tomorrow