Edwards faces legal troubles (and possibly NFL troubles)

By Marc A. Greenberg

Jets Wide Receiver Braylon Edwards was charged with misdemeanor assault Monday for a dispute outside a Cleveland nightclub Oct. 5, when Edwards was still a member of the Cleveland Browns.  A hearing has been scheduled for Nov. 17 in Cleveland Municipal Court.  If convicted, Edwards could face six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

The Jets released a statement saying: “The team was aware of these allegations prior to acquiring Braylon from Cleveland. He has been cooperative with authorities, and we will allow the legal process to run its course.”

Being that the matter is being held in Municipal Court, and not Superior Court, it does not appear likely that Edwards will face any jail time. However, the punishment from NFL Commissioner Roger Go0dell could be much worse. In 2007, Goodell instituted a new conduct policy for NFL players which examines all off-field behavior.  A suspension to Edwards would be likely if he enters into a plea bargain in Municipal Court to avoid any jail time.

The Jets play home to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Sunday, Nov. 15.