Get cha popcorn ready…

By Brad Cotter

The Jets set up for what looks like a trap game. The Jets are coming off a very winnable game in Miami where the defense of all groups was the culprit. The Jets are primed for a big game against the woeful Bills who were just taken out by the Browns. The Bills fans have put together billboards voicing their frustration, they can’t seem to get anything going, and T.O. wants out. So what does that mean?

They have nothing to lose.

The Bills still have plenty of talent on both sides of the ball and are coming into this game looking for a glimmer of hope. They are going to throw the kitchen sink at the Jets because in their mind… it can’t get much worse. Most of Jets nation expects an easy win today, but they need to be careful.

With that said… Rex Ryan is pissed and I’m taking the Jets big… Jets 28- Bills 13…