By Brad Cotter

The Jets get gift number two from Mangenius & the Browns. First the rights to the number 5 pick which has turned into the Sanchize Quarterback. Now they give up their lone offensive weapon for a couple guys and some mid round conditionals. SCORE!!! Braylon Edwards has been handcuffed in Cleveland with a terrible QB situation and a losing environment. A fresh start with the upstart Jets could be just what he needs to get back to form.

The chance the Jets would get someone in the off season with Edwards talent for this cost is nil. There’s little chance they could even draft someone with his ability. At 26 years old, Edwards still has a long career ahead of him. The Jets have been limited offensively because they lack a serious deep threat. With Edwards, the running game & underneath passing game should open right up. Keller, Cotchery and the RB tandem have to love this addition. Schottenheimer now has all the weapons in place and opposing defenses will have to respect all parts of the field. No one should see double teams!!!

This addition shows us the Jets are committed to winning and are committed to giving Mark Sanchez and this group every opportunity to succeed. Edwards was obviously in a bad situation in Cleveland. He was a Wolverine in Buckeye country. Now he gets another shot to resurrect his career on a team that is desperate for someone with his abilities. Another great job by Woody and Tannenbaum. Hat’s off fella’s… The Jets are for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J-E-T-S… JETS!!! JETS!!! JETS!!!