By Brad Cotter

Don’t believe the Hype… The Jets have no business grabbing Brandon Marshall. While the kid is uber talented, let’s not forget how much trouble this team has got in when they forget to stick to their game plan.

The Rex Ryan plan for this team, as it should be, is to pound the rock and play aggresive on the defensive side of the ball.

The Broncos are asking for David Harris and a first round pick in a trade for Brandon Marshall… really? Are you friggin’ kidding me? The Broncos are the one’s with the problem. The Jets should go no further than the Broncos did for Dewayne Robertson… We’ll give them a conditional 1st and 3rd depending on his performance, and Harris is out of the question!!!

This scheme is built for defense, why the heck would we give away a staple of the defense for a problem WR in a run first attack…

Don’t get me wrong, if the price is right, I think he could make a big difference for this team. Marshall and Cotchery on the outside with Keller occupying the middle would be a huge advantage for Sanchez. Very tempting, of course. I just don’t see the price coming down…

Here’s the deal… if the Pats can grab Randy Moss for a 4th… Marshall should come at some sort of discount… bottom line.