Round 1: Sanchez!

By Brad Cotter

While I thought Kellen Clemens did a nice job throwing the ball going 4-4 and showing some nice mobility, the story of the night was Mark Sanchez. Sanchez looked like a kid out there, and it was contagious! The team looked to have some extra pep in their step once Mark was on the field. If nothing else, they each looked like they needed to take some more responsibility to help the kid out.

Sanchez didn’t need much help though. He looked to have total command of the crew and made all the right decisions. With that said, it’s one preseason game and we’ll have to see what happens. It’s great to see both guys come out strong. It can only help the team. The last thing we want to see is both struggle. By the way, Erik Ainge didn’t look too bad either.

On the defensive side of the ball, I can’t imagine how this season isn’t going to be fun. With guys blitzing on virutally every play from somewhere different, Rex’s crew looks poised to have a big season. Once all hands are on deck, this group could be something special. Gang Green 2009 should fuel this group… It was one game vs. the Rams… in the preseason… I’ll temper the expectations for now!