Plaxico Burress… a Giant mistake for the Jets!

By Brad Cotter

There are rumors flying that the Jets brass are considering bringing Plaxico Burress on board. They are waiting to see what happens with his legal situation before making a decision. This is a BAD MOVE!!!

If the New York Jets want to stop the “second class citizen” stigma that surrounds the organization in New York, then they have to stop playing these kinds of games. The Giants showed class in kicking Plaxico Burress to the curb. He was a distraction in the locker room, was late to meetings and is now in trouble with the law.

The Steelers echoed the sentiment a few years prior. What do the Steelers and Giants have in common? Well, 3 of the last 4 Lombardi Trophies, that’s all. The Jets need to commit to building their organization with class. These one year fixes, i.e. Favre & Burress are just embarrassing. Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum need to take this into consideration. The NYPD briefs both teams at the beginning of the year about what is acceptable and what is not. Burress had no regard for himself, his teammates, and his organization. Mayor Bloomberg made it clear he wants no preferential treatment handed to Burress in this case. Is this really the big receiver the Jets want to bring in as they start a young QB. Whether it be Kellen Clemens or Mark Sanchez, Burress is just not the answer.

Rex Ryan has made it clear this organization is going to run the ball and play defense. There’s no reason to bring in Burress for one year, regardless of his talent. If they really think they need an big target, they should revisit Matt Jones. Otherwise, they should stick with their current roster.

The signing of Plaxico Burress would send a terrible message to the young Jets fans out there. What does this tell them about this organization and it’s values?

Regardless of the X’s and O’s, the Jets need to change their identity. They’ve been moving forward with good guys in the locker room and they need to keep it that way. It looks like the 3 headed monster in the backfield can compete with any in the league, and the defense is poised for a dominant season. Let’s keep that the focus.