The War Room Strategy… Quarterback.

By Brad Cotter

While I’d love to say I know what’s going on behind closed door’s, here’s what I’m thinking. This could be a conspiracy theory, but here it is anyway.

I don’ t think the Jets are legitimately thinking about mortgaging their future on the 17-20 Jay Cutler who will likely cost more than he is worth. I also don’t believe the Jets are trying to angle a position for Sanchez or Stafford.

At this point I have a feeling the Jets are sold on K-State QB Josh Freeman. I think the huge arm and the Flacco/Big Ben comparisons are too much to pass up. At this point it might even take some movement to land the big guy, but I just have a feeling that’s where the Jets are headed on draft day.

My guess is the push towards Cutler is to force another team with a need at the position to make a move before draft day(or at least that’s the hope). While I have no knowledge of the teams position, this seems like the hand they are playing. Mike Tannenbaum saw what the team went through to get Favre & how that turned out. I doubt they would make a similar move, even for a much younger talent.

The closer we get to this draft, the more I think they will build the lines and WR’s after the first round or via trades. Let’s just say, like it or not, I’m starting to feel a QB in round one. It makes sense strategically & finacially if they don’t believe in their in house talent. I’m just not buying the Cutler talk… sorry.

In my own opinion, the Jets would’ve been better off laying low if they really wanted a QB. They should stay consistent with the fact they are ready to roll with one of the 3 in house. Now if they need to move to get their guy, it’s gonna cost ’em.