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Jets need to stay away from Cutler!!!


Why wouldn’t the Jets want a young gunslinging QB? The reason is because it goes totally against what this new regime is trying to put in place. Rex Ryan believes in winning football games by controlling the ball and playing balls to the wall defense.

Jay Cutler is a young Brett Favre. Both need to throw the ball all game long, and both need to be the center of attention. While I think Cutler is a good young QB who with the right coach could learn how to play smart football is just not that guy right now. Rumors are he has a bad attitude at times… how will that work out in NY??? Not good. The Jets receiving corps are made for a precision passing game, while Cutler’s game & arm are perfect for a vertical passing game a la Detroit or Minnesota.

Here’s the deal. The Jets should not mortgage their future on this guy. They need to use their draft picks to build towards the future. Cutler’s a good QB and will be for a long time. He’s just not the right fit for this team.

If Jets fans want Jersey sales, PSL’s to sell, then they’ll get Cutler. Otherwise, they’ll build from within.

Don’t forget folks that Tom Brady developed throwing the ball a few times a game, mostly horizontal. The Pats barely threw the ball over 5 yards in his first year. Same with Big Ben.

What does this organization want? The last decade has been full of SuperBowl champs that have won with a dominating running game, defense, and a mistake free QB. Look it up!

This stadium isn’t designed for an air attack, like it or not, the Jets need an identity and the power game is where we’re going!