Ainge, Ratliff, Clemens battle might be good…

By Brad Cotter

The Jets have enough holes in this team to fill through the draft and free agency that the quarterback isn’t their most pressing need…despite popular belief. The Rex Ryan led Ravens were able to push through the season with Joe Flacco as their point man. The position in this league has turned into one of mistake free football, rather than a go win one for us.

The team has enough talent to win with one of these guys as the point man. A healthy competition should turn out someone they can develop for the future. If not, then they will be able to make a move next year.

This is the time to see what they have in these three. The Jets need more pressing needs in this years draft. Due to the lack of elite talent at the quarterback position in the draft this year plus the lack of “franchise” free agents, the Jets need to build from the inside out hoping one of these guys can blossom. Off the bat, Ratliff and Ainge are very intriguing. Ainge played at the highest level in college even through injuries. Ratliff on the other hand had a great preseason last year and looks to be very sharp and a quick decision maker. Clemens also deserves a shot behind a line that can actually block. He & Pennington had no chance in Clemens rookie season so the smart move is to see what they have in house this year.

The Jets are stuck with a terribly tough schedule for ’09… Gotta use the mold the last 8-9 Superbowl champs. Run, Play defense, and protect the ball!