Brett the Jet… Part Deux? Plus some Draft!

By Brad Cotter

The rumbling out of Jets camp is a feeling that Brett Ratliff has a lot of potential. Enough so that they could focus on other needs besides QB in the early rounds of the draft. I happen to agree with this approach. Today’s NFL is won with defense, running game, and a QB that can manage a game effectively.

Whether next year’s QB is Clemens, Ratliff or possibly Ainge remains to be seen. It looks like Rex Ryan is the kind of guy that doesn’t care! That, my friends, is exactly what this franchise has needed for a long time. For whatever reason, the Jets haven’t had much success at that position, so why not build out of the Ravens mold and build every other position first.

When looking at the league as a whole, the teams with consistent success are those who can control the line of scrimmage. The Jets now have the personnel on both lines to compete with anyone. They just need to win the turnover battle and they should be in contention on a consistent basis. The Jets need to draft accordingly.

We could use another stopper in the middle to learn under Kris Jenkins because we can’t be sure he will hold up. We could also use some offensive line depth in case of injury. The secondary could use a boost as well. These are the area’s the Jets should be focusing on in this draft unless a miracle happens to fall to them.

This is going to be a big step for Rex in his first year. He needs to show that this style will work against the cupcake schedule the Favre-led Jets saw this past season. I’m ready for Rex to put his money where his mouth is… the Combine is coming soon and this team is close. Let’s hope these guys have a chip on their shoulder after the way this past season ended…