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The Truth shall set you Free Woody!!!

By Brad Cotter

This will be a short blog, but one that needs to be said… Let’s be honest. Brett Favre did not want to come to the Jets, and the reason this decision was made so fast is he knew there was no way he was going to come back… here.

The Jets need to cut their losses and officially release Favre from his contract. They need to just own up to the mistake they made and release Favre. Allow him to comeback to another team if he so chooses. Woody and Mike T. need to stop being so greedy… Let the circus continue elsewhere while the Jets build the ship…

We have a new coach with some new ideas. Let’s get excited about what we have going on and stop worrying Brett. Let the man go! The fact that the Jets refuse to release Favre’s contract will radiate in the locker room as a lack of confidence in our future. Make the right decision Woody, release him!!!