Good for Brett!!!

By Brad Cotter

I know I’ve killed this deal with Favre since the rumors started flying about a year ago and I want to be clear. The transition to the Jets was not Brett’s fault… It was the Jets fault for bringing him in without an offseason program. While I know this was exciting for the fans, the guys on the team had something special to prove with Pennington at QB. Regardless, Brett gave it a shot and was smart for hanging them up.

I truely feel the guy has at least another year in him (with a full offseason of training)… on another team. The Jets were building this team out of the Patriots mold and will now be building out of the Ravens mold. Both teams pride themselves on ball control and conservative decisions (not one of Brett’s attributes).

Brett had a great career and will be an icon for this league for a long time. I’m glad he is walking away with his head held high, and if he decides to comeback a’ la Vinny… We’ll all wish him the best.

Unfortunately, I think the Jets brass brought him in with the intention of selling PSL’s and Jerseys which was a disservice to him. They should’ve passed the buck and allowed Green Bay or Tampa Bay to work it out. Regardless, we live and learn.

Brett Favre seems to be a great guy and I loved watching him early in his career. Favre has been a good guy for the league. He has played the game the way most of us do in the yard. It was refreshing to watch for most of his career. Jets fans were a little crazy about this move.

Lets face it, Brett Favre is a Green Bay Packer… Always has been… Always will be and that’s how we all should remember him!

On to the combine!