Back to the Drawing Board!!

By Brad Cotter

Rex Ryan and his staff won’t have very long to decide which direction they want to take this team. We are only a few weeks away from the Combine. The NFL has now turned into a 12 month long league. This nice for Jets Fans because besides new coaches every couple of years, we haven’t had much to talk about this late in the year.

The Jets should take a look at the Steelers and how they run their organization. I know that will be said about many teams, but it’s especially true here. To expect a coach to bring in all his guys to fit his style and be successful in a few seasons is just not responsible.

Of course there are situations where guys walk into a good situation and are able to make it happen faster, but there is no chance for consistency.

This was Mangini’s first year with the personnel for a 3-4 defense, and they did fairly well while Kris Jenkins was healthy. Luckily, Ryan also will run his hybrid 3-4 and most of the pieces are in place. Brian Schottenheimer will have another year under his belt and will have full reign over the offensive decisions.

I know I’ve been harsh on Favre since this trade. Let’s just say that if he cares about the success of this organization at all, he will let them know his plans soon. These guys need to start making offseason decisions and as a new staff, this process will take longer. My personal opinion is the Jets should outright release Favre and move in another direction. If Favre decides to resign somewhere else and is successful then good for him. The fit with the Jets is just not right.

We have a short time ’til the Combine, let’s hope the Jets can get their strategy in order before beginning these evaluations.