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Please Retire Already!!!

By Brad Cotter

Brett… Please… Retire already… I was sick of watching this crap in Green Bay, and I’m even more sick of it now. Look, you’re a good guy who should ride off into the sunset with some semblance of a legacy. Please don’t allow this to turn ugly, which it will if you return for another season. This team is built for running the ball and playing defense. They now have a coach who was raised in that philosophy. If there is any chance of you playing again for gang green it will have to be as a game manager. If this continues to be something you are unwilling to do, then hang them up and let us move on.

The Jets are so close we can smell it. Maybe getting rid of Pennington will allow this team to move towards the future, but the chance that Favre comes back and leads this team as a gunslinger is slim to none.

Let’s be honest. The only reason Woody Johnson wants Favre back on the team is because his Jersey was the #1 seller in the league this past year and he is hoping 1 more year won’t make him look stupid for forcing Tannenbaum’s hand on this.

The reality is the Jets will need to get lucky and develop 1 of the 3 on the squad now… that or draft someone who can make an instant impact. We’re begging you Brett. Leave. We know you want to play for the Vikings, so it’s on you to walk into Woody’s office and make him a deal.

From a team aspect, I’m hoping Rex takes the bull by the horns and gets this team motivated. He needs to continue to build from the inside out, which I believe he will. This offseason should be interesting… let the games begin…