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What could’ve been…

By Brad Cotter

The Jets slim playoff hopes rely on Favre not turning the ball over this weekend and the Patriots blowing a late season game. Neither of these things have happened in recent memory.

It’s starting to feel like the jokes on us. Should I feel vindicated that I’ve said Pennington was a way better option then Favre all year long? Or should I just wallow in another mistake filled season by Gang Green?

Do I blame the coaching staff for continuing to throw the ball, when Favre clearly just wants the season to end so he can head back to Mississippi? Or do I blame management for bringing him in? ( $12 Million compared to Pennington’s $6… 39 years old, compared to Pennington’s 32… Favre’s 19 INT’s, compared to Pennington’s 7… Pennington’s got a higher QB rating, win total, and has thrown for more 200 more yards on 40 less attempts. What the heck was everyone thinking???? ) + we now owe the Packers a 3rd round pick… GREAT!

And yes, I did scream this from the top of a building when the Jets were thinking about this move, but everyone thought I was crazy.

Is is Schottenheimer’s fault for throwing 60% of the time when the QB leads the NFL in INT’s? Or is it Mangini’s fault for not firing him on the spot any game Thomas Jones doesn’t get at least 25 carries?

All I know is with the talent this team had heading into this year, with an extremely soft schedule and any QB that just manages the game (Pennington), this team would have posted 11-12 wins. This is a disaster and we’re looking at Clemens, Ratliff and Ainge to battle it out next year.

I’ll pray the football gods give us a win + a Buffalo win, but I’m sick to my stomach the Belicheck and Co. are rooting for a Jets victory to help them into the playoffs. This couldn’t get any worse.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on Brett Favre. It’s not his fault. He would’ve done the same thing somewhere else, and he has earned the right to do whatever he wants in this league. But why did our team have to make the mistake. He was leaning towards Tampa anyway… u live and you learn.

I’ve been waiting for this miracle to happen… Last Chance Sunday…

On the Bright Side, Favre’s in the Pro Bowl… I wonder who is fired first.