Keys to Success!!!

By Brad Cotter

Looks like it’s going to be a wintery mess in Seattle today. This should favor the Jets who own the size on both sides of the ball. If we’ve learned anything about this team this year, it’s the less Favre has to throw, the better the Jets do.

This is not a shot at Favre, it’s just reality folks. He’s a great QB when the game is not squarely on his shoulders. I know the NFL has glorified Favre, but if you look back over his career, when Favre has had a running game late in the season he has had success. When he has to put the ball up 30+ times, his teams lose and he turns the ball over.

This game is squarely on the coaching staff. They need to let both their lines win this game. Run it down the Seahawks throat and stuff the run on the other side of the ball. There’s no secret here, no excuses about a west coast trip, just who wants it more.

The Jets have seen the success they’ve had when Thomas Jones touches the ball 25+ times. They are 3-0 and beat which included wins at New England & Tennessee. When he doesn’t get the ball, they lose to teams like Oakland and/or win ugly. Gang Green controls their fate… let’s hope destiny’s on our side.