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49ers are no joke…

By Brad Cotter

This week is no simple task… The 49ers have a good young defense and are obviously inspired by Mike Singletary. They were the only team to come to the east coast and take out an AFC East team as they manhandled the Bills last week.

The Jets are in a very vulnerable position. They haven’t won a game on the west coast yet. The 2 trips west so far have resulted in a blowout to the Chargers and an ugly loss to the Raiders. The Jets now have to deal with the upstart Niners which is no easy task.

The Bills were picked apart by Mike Martz offense for one reason only… no pressure. The Bills couldn’t generate any QB pressure, period. The Jets need to dial it up and flex their muscles in this one.

Offensively the Bills were a joke last week (similar to the Jets). Both Lynch and Thomas Jones were averaging an acre a carry and for some reason both offensive coordinators decided that throwing the ball was the way to go. Lets hope Schotty goes back to basics in this one and pounds Jones and Washington all day long. This one is winnable… but it’s not gonna be easy… I’m on the edge of my chair. (And it’s Wednesday…)