Back to the Drawing Board…

By Brad Cotter

The high’s of the “Best Team in the AFC” come crashing down after a home beatdown by the Broncos. As positive as it was to go into Tennessee and get a win is as negative as it was to get smacked around in the Meadowlands by the up and down Broncos.

There’s no way to place the blame squarely on anyone here. The defense took 10 steps back as they couldn’t stop the run and couldn’t generate any pressure on Jay Cutler. Unfortunately, this forced the Jets into a pass first team, and we all know what happens when that becomes the case. Thomas Jones posted 100+ yards in the first half on 11 carries. He ended the day with 16 carries, while Favre threw the ball 40+ times. That is the formula for disaster. When Leon Washington and Thomas Jones are pounding the rock, the Jets win. When Favre is throwing all game, the Jets lose.

I won’t put the blame on Favre here though. The play calling was suspect, and the defense did not step up. There will be a long trip out west this week where the Jets have failed to win this year. There’s still a lot of football left. Let’s hope Gang Green got this performance out of there system and get back on track next week. We’ll see…