A Season Defining Moment…

By Brad Cotter

With all the ups and downs that have happened this season, we have found ourselves in a position where no one seems to believe in this team. The Bills and the Patriots are trying to separate themselves in an AFC race that has hit a critical juncture.

This game will determine what we can expect from this team going forward. I’m expecting this game to become a microcosm of how this season will ultimately go. Either the Jets will continue to play sloppy football and will lose this game to fall father into mediocrity, or they will finally put 4 quarters together and will pull off the upset which will give this team the much needed shot of confidence they desperately need!

Some keys to the Game:

Buffalo is built with a huge offensive line and will no doubt try to establish Marshawn Lynch early and often. David Harris is doubtful to play right now so the Jets will have to rely on out scheming the Bills to stop the run. A pressure package on Trent Edwards is the only way the Jets can roll this weekend. They may give up something with this approach, but they need to force turnovers, because as we say every week the team that wins the turnover battle will ultimately win the game.

On the other side of the ball I think the Jets will have to be creative. The Bills don’t surrender much room up the gut, so it will be up to Brett Favre to lead this team down the field. As much as I thought throwing the ball 40 times against K.C. was amazingly stupid, it just might be necessary in this one. I’m expecting more trickeration from the Jets offense in this one. Brad Smith should see some extra PT.

The Bills are a well coached, well managed, smart group who doesn’t beat themselves. I’m hoping Favre smells the cold air and gets it together in this one. My glass is half full folks… Jets 22, Bills 19!