Live & Let Die…

By Brad Cotter

All I know is that most analysts in Week 2 were screaming for Brett Favre to throw the ball more… I felt so alone with only a hand full of Jets Fans who thought the move to Favre was ridiculous. There was still only a few of us begging for Mangini not to listen to the media and to allow this running game to develop. Well, looks like everyone else is starting to realize the truth. Luckily, we’re not holding grudges. We all want the same thing, and that’s a team we can be proud of, not some circus show. It looks like some of the analysts have now changed their tune… listen to the recap!

Everyone laughed when I said I’d rather Pennington than Favre, but I’ll let that one die. (Even though Pennington is having a career year). I hope it doesn’t take Mangini & Company any longer to go back to basics. This week @ Buffalo will be tough, but if they can run the ball and NOT TURN THE BALL OVER, they can at least have a chance at the end. That’s all we can ask!!!

I’m rooting for you Brett!!! Prove me wrong, PLEASE!!!

By prove me wrong I mean don’t be a hero… we have a good team so let these guys make plays and in turn you’ll be rewarded in Jets Nation… Believe IT!!!