It is what it is…

By Brad Cotter

Some of us knew when we signed Favre for double the price of Pennington that there was a good reason. Of course the EBay bids for the PSL’s will surely be higher while watching the human highlight for the season… one goes for the TD, the next goes the other way for a TD. Whatever sells right?

I’ve said since Day 1 that I hope it changes, but I just don’t see it. Sorry, I wish I did. Favre has continually been the cause of the turnovers that this team has been hobbled with. The Chiefs had no business being in this game today… Just look at the stats…

Really? Throwing the ball 40 times against the Chiefs? Are you kidding me? What makes anyone believe Favre throwing the ball in any system 40 times is a good thing? Let alone to the Chiefs who everyone has ran against this year.

Maybe I’m old school at a young age… I just don’t get it. Why won’t anyone get in Favre’s face and let him know that this team can win if he just doesn’t lead the league in INT’s… I think I’m with most Jets fans in saying that we hope this is the end of his terrible games for the year and we are ready for some top flight QB play!!!

The Bills are on deck and are vulnerable coming off a rough week in Miami. Lets hope the Jets can get on track behind a reborn Favre next week up in Buffalo. I’m hoping the cold weather will knock some of that HOF outta Brett. We’ll see!