Mangini Must Go

By Staff

I have very little to say after that and in fact will defer to the esteemed Brad Cotter but what I will offer is as a long suffering Jets fan who has given the benefit of the doubt to Eric Mangini for 2.5 seasons I’ve seen enough. I’m bitter and angry and if he can’t do more with the $140 million + Brett Favre upgrade to this team than 3-3 at this point all I can say is I’ve seen enough.

And make no mistake — the Jets are lucky to be 3-3. They have not played a complete game all season. The 56 point shelacking of the Cards looks great but don’t forget the defense let the Cards come back with 35 points. The Jets barely escaped Miami with a win, they layed an egg in their home opener against the Brady-less Pats, looked silly against an up and down Chargers team, and played down about as low as you can to match the worst team in football — the Bengals — and somehow managed not to give that game away. I’ve seen enough.

I don’t want to start feeling like I enjoy the suffering and that is why I’m a Jets fan. I want to win. I used to care how. I don’t anymore. It has been 40 years since the Jets have even been to a Super Bowl and I wasn’t alive for that one. I’ve seen enough.

It is time for Bill Cowher or someone like him. Someone who is passionate. Someone who won’t take losing as easily as this staff. It is time for Mangini, Schottenheimer, Sutton, and Westhoff to all go far away. The experiment of trying to copy the Patsies didn’t work. Eric Mangini proves once and for all what a cheat Bill Belichick really is. He was doing it all with smoke and mirrors.

I’ve seen enough.