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The Mean Green Run Stuffin’ Machine!!!

By Brad Cotter

Once again Gang Green has crawled up the rankings in the rush defense stats! The Jets are now ranked 3rd in the league in rush defense. The Jets fall only below the Steelers and Ravens, which is in most part due to the San Diego game where our man Kris Jenkins was hurt! Jenkins so far has been the biggest off season acquisition the Jets have made. The achilles heal of this team for years has been stopping the run and now they have the NT they’ve always wanted. The linebacking corps are open to stuff the opposition and go after the QB!

This is a stark difference from the make shift squad we saw two years ago in the playoffs which had 9 guys standing at the line on scrimmage trying to fool the Pats O-Line. These guys can go toe to toe with anyone in this league! Jenkins, who is doubling as the Incredible Hulk, is tossing opposing centers into the backfield and creating havoc on every play!!! The rest of the defense has been feeding off this energy!!! I also can’t say enough about David Harris and what he’s meant to this team. He might be the most underrated linebacker in the NFL!!! Harris leads the team in tackles and goes about his business like a true professional! This defense is on the verge of rivaling some from the past, but we’ll reserve judgement for now! Regardless… it’s very exciting!!! We just need to hope that the offense can take care of the ball and keep the defense fresh!

The Defense has a big test this week with the Raiders. They were a top rush offenses last season, and can still run the rock this year. The Jets had trouble with their last West Coast trip and will need to play mistake free to get this one done.

Side Note:

Every time Leon Washington returns a kick, he looks like he’s going to take it the distance… The Jets special teams should play a big part in this game. The Raiders are coming off an embarrassing loss and will no doubt pull out all the stops this week. The Jets cannot afford another 3 turnovers! Let’s go boys, make it happen!