By Brad Cotter

Well, a win is a win. This kind of an effort won’t get it done against the better teams in this league, but I’ll be happy with a W.

The turnovers, especially in Field Goal Range are just heart breakers. Thankfully, the Bengals couldn’t capitalize on those mistakes. When the Jets had a 6 point lead in FG range, they make better decisions. I can appreciate the excitement that Favre brings, but these decisions will ultimately catch up to the Jets when they play solid teams. On the bright side, Favre does look more confident in his receivers! Coles and J.CO made some spectacular plays and Thomas Jones and Leon Washington both looked like they had some pep in their step!

The defense once again looked stout! They allowed nothing up the middle again as Kris Jenkins continues to make his case for the Pro Bowl. The secondary is still a work in progress, but opponents are forced to throw the ball because the Jets aren’t allowing any running room. The next thing I would like to see is the Jets dial up some more pressure.

Jets climb into 3rd place in the AFC East with the Miami loss. Now it’s time to root for the Chargers to take out the Pats tonight… Enjoy.