A loss is a loss…

By Brad Cotter

Look, it’s the end of the 3rd quarter and barring another “Vinny” like comback, this game is over. Luckily, it only counts as 1 loss. The Jets will have a chance to regroup and play the Cardinals next week.

The Bottom Line is that Mangini and company were right to build this team to run the ball and play defense. I won’t go into the fact that Pennington just blew out the Pats while the Jets have fallen to the bottom of the division.

The point is that this is not Brett Favre’s fault. You can’t bring in a 39 year old QB and change the entire system to match what some people think his strengths are. Most of us knew this would happen! Let’s be real. In 2005 & 2006 Brett Favre averaged 38 attempts per game and collectively led the NFL in interceptions. In 2007, they scaled him back to 32 and they went to the NFC Championship on the shoulders of Ryan Grant. I know I’d rather ride Thomas Jones than Ryan Grant! Come on Jets fans… let’s start living in reality that we need Favre to be a game manager. We need him to throw the ball away and play field position instead of taking stupid chances.

I’ve said it since this trade took place! THE JETS WILL NOT WIN ON THE SHOULDERS OF BRETT FAVRE! THE ONLY CHANCE THEY HAVE IS TO RELY ON A SOLID RUNNING GAME & A STOUT DEFENSE. They need to win the turnover battle and time of possession.

Is it a miracle that Bill Parcells wins everywhere he goes? NO! He believes in this philosophy which makes teams competitive, the exact opposite of what happened to the Jets tonight.

I’m going to give the guys a pass tonight… Mangini should have known better than to listen to the writers and fans! He should’ve stuck to his guns. I would’ve had more respect for him. He needs to go back to basics and use this as a learning experience!

In the words of Brian McNamee… Week 3 “is what it is”!!!