1st Half… not good…

By Brad Cotter

Is there any chance that Jet Fans will now understand that the team was built for Time of Possession! They were fine in their decision to be a running team, and it makes no sense that they are allowing Favre to throw this many passes. I was hoping they would open it up a little more, but this is ridiculous. Thomas Jones hasn’t had nearly enough touches, which has forced the Jets defense on the field the whole game.

The mass of NY writers and fans have got into the heads of Mangini and crew! They have gone away from their core philosophy and now we see why they have focused on the run these first two games. Favre should have 3 INT’s right now. Plus an onsides kick? Talk about a momentum killer. RUN THE BALL, KEEP RIVERS ON THE SIDELINE! There is still a half to play, and if they continue at this rate, this will get embarrassing. They need to throw the ball, but work it off the run, please!

I hope they go back to possession football, because with Jenkins on the bench, the defense needs to be as fresh as possible. It can’t get worse…I hope!