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Mangini, Coaches Try To Give Game Away

By Staff

Win one is in the books and I thought overall the team looked real good, especially Brett the Jet. But it appeared as if the Jets coaching staff thought they still had to coddle Chad Pennington and give him another chance to win a game. The coaches nearly blew this one and almost gift wrapped a win for Chad and a public relations nightmare for the Jets. How do you go into a game without an emergency kicker? (And if I were Mike Nugent today I’d be worried for my job) How on earth do you play an entire 4th quarter not to lose, including giving Miami the ball back for the potential go ahead score with nearly two minutes left on the clock!!! Inexcusable Mangini. I have backed him since day one but if Eric Mangini doesn’t start turning in some good coaching performances or even decisions I am going to have serious doubts of whether he’ll last in this league. He has the scowls down pat but he needs to tighten it up or it will be the Buffalo Bills taking advantage of the Tom Brady injury and not Brett’s Jets.

I was surprised at how many penalties by the offensive line and even moreso at the lack of protection for Brett. That Miami defense is minus Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas and should not have gotten as much penetration as they did. I’d say the heroes of the day for the Jets were Thomas Jones — although I remain a doubting Thomas on Thomas — the new dynamic duo of Revis & Lowery. Dwight Lowery was all over the field making huge plays, and the man himself Brett Favre. What can anyone say? He looked great when they let him throw. Yes he made a bad decision on that fumble but he needed more attempts than that and it was a sin taking the ball out of Brett Favre’s hands late in the game when Jets needed a first down to seal the deal. Shame on you Mangini. Dumb move.