New York Jets: America’s Super Heroes

By Staff

Look, it is no secret I am downright giddy about our team this year and I’m not drinking any of the kool aid. I really think we have a nice balance and we appear solid at least on paper…and on the field when it didn’t count. I think the players and coaches turn it up a notch when it’s for real and dare I say Brett Favre leads the Jets on a Super-heroic quest to be America’s Team? It’s about time we had a new one. So here we go in pictures my analysis of how super-heroic Brett’s Jets will be: First, defenses will look like this and try to capture Favre as seen here. But Favre is no mere mortal so he’ll easily escape. But this time he won’t be alone, and he’s bringing some friends along. We all know Favre has a hammer and that is why when the season is done he’ll lead us and his team to the big dance and be the last man standing.As for the pre-season finale, why talk about the players fighting for jobs when you can be Richard Cimini and pile on by bashing the kid from Ohio State? Look Dick…can I call you Dick? It’s only 4 pre-season games into Vernon Gholston’s career. He’s learning. He has raw natural ability and through no fault of his own had to miss all of the OTA’s because, hey get this, school got in the way. Back off and give the kid a chance or maybe you should just cover every team that plays the Jets this year since it doesn’t seem like you have any allegiance to the home team.

Speaking of players fighting for jobs, David Barrett – he of the ridiculous contract for not much contact – is learning to play…safety? And what was Chansi Stuckey doing in the defensive backfield last night? Don’t agree with that at all. He’s coming on strong as a 3rd or 4th receiever and you risk losing him to injury playing defense? Yikes. All of a sudden all the Jets quarterbacks look pretty good and while I think Brett Ratliff has earned the #2 spot on the depth chart it looks like we may even carry Erik Ainge as a 4th QB.

Now let’s squish the fish.