Preseason Finale Expectations

By Brad Cotter

Number 1, I will not be betting on this game. Smart Right?

There’s no reason for it because today starts COLLEGE FOOTBALL BABY!!! The smell is in the air. NFL and College Football are back and it’s better than any high in the world!!! The offseason always leaves a void in my life. I love my wife and my family, but football is my mistress! My wife loves the offseason because our weekends involve working on house projects, going on dates, and spending quality time together. I’ve always told her those things can continue through football season as long as they happen before 10am on Saturday and Sunday. What?

As far as the final preseason game tonight, I’m still looking forward to chec

king out Vernon Gholston’s progress. Obviously he’ll be going against subs, but I think we’re all looking for the effort. What I’m really excited about is taking a look at Erik Ainge. I know Ratliff has been the talk of the town this preseason, but I loved this pick. Ainge was a stud in college and was instrumental in a lot of big games. Two years ago I had some cheese on Georgia at home against Ainge and Tennesee and I watched Ainge single handedly put up 40+ on a great Georgia Defense and of course he almost took out LSU last year as well. He’s not flashy, but I believe he has all the tools to be a really good NFL QB. He’s been getting more reps in practice lately and according to’s Eric Allen, Ainge has looked “spectacular”. To think the Jets were starting Brooks Bollinger in recent history, this is a nice problem to have.

I’m also going to be interested watch Brad Smith and Chansi Stuckey to see if one of them can secure that #3 spot. Besides that, there’s not much excitment surrounding this game. Guys will be playing for jobs so the hitting should be pretty fun to watch. Let’s just hope they all get outta there without injuries.

Side Note: The Yankees are DONE, and will never win with A-Rod on the team! Get him outta there Yanks, even if you have to pay half his salary! Otherwise it will be another 9 years of disappointment! Sorry, I’ll finish this on a Yanks blog!