Peter King Makes A Great George Wendt

By Staff

You remember Goerge Wendt right? The lovable actor who played lovable fat bar patron “Norm” on Cheers? That’s Peter King minus the lovable. The uber Jets snubber strikes again in this week’s Sports Illustrated NFL Preview issue. King rates his Top 50 players in the NFL. You know going into it that he doesn’t put any Jets on this list – not even Jett Favre! Ok, I can see us having a couple of players right after #51: David Harris, Darrelle Revis, Kerry Rhodes, Jerricho Cotchery, Alan Faneca, Kris Jenkins and the aformentioned Sir Brett, but…

#48…Denver Broncos Quarterback Jay Cutler. I’m sorry this Norm wannabe has no credibility in my opinion. Jay Cutler? What has he done to attain Top 50 status? Zilch. It’s a little known fact Normy, when it comes to sports savvy you are more Frasier Crane than Sam Malone. Another guy who can’t pick ’em with the top 50 rankings would be Pete Prisco. Kellen Winslow at 44? Come on Pete, he missed the first two seasons and one of those was due to his own dumb motor cycle stunt show performance.

As for the team itself, I am liking how our squad has shaped up. I don’t have any glaring questions as we head into the final tune up game. I am very hapy with how Brett has looked and have no concerns about he or the passing game. I’m not optimistic at all about Thomas Jones but I think the line will run block very well and hopefully Leon Washington emerges as the #1 back. I’m sorry David Clowney will be out awhile as he gave us great depth where we were thin but this pres-season saw Chansi Stuckey and to some surprising degee Brad Smith step up a bit and look like capable options once you get past Coles, Cotchery and camp stud Dustin Keller.

The defense looks primed to breakout. Calvin Pace has really emerged of late and Kris Jenkins looks like just what the Mangenius ordered. I’m not worried about Vernon Gholston because I can see his closing speed when he’s chasing the QB. I really like some of the unsung young guys like Kenwin Cummings and what can you say about CB Dwight Lowery? So far looking like the steal of the draft.

I just have a great feeling about the team this year. A feeling I haven’t had before. I’m always optimistic before the start of the season but this feeling is different, it’s almost…Super.