Brett will play until he’s One Hundred and Favre!!!

By Brad Cotter

So far so good in practice!!! Looks like Brett is picking up the offense quickly and his presence is helping to prepare defensive backs because according to Mangini, “everyone is in play at all times.” I wanted to talk about the defensive backs today because I went back and watched the replay of the Cleveland game and I wasn’t impressed.  I’ve been going back and forth trying to figure out if the problem was the DB’s or the lack of pass rush. It’s preseason though, and I don’t want them to give too much away so I’ll just take solice in

the fact that none of the starters were hurt. On a good note, the defense was in good position for most of the game and Kris Jenkins is seriously a monster!!!

One side note:

As far as Coles not speaking to the media, I can’t really blame him. Pennington was his good friend and I’d rather him keep his mouth shut then say something he’ll regret. I wasn’t on board with the Favre trade before it happened and as much as I hope it works out, there are some serious question marks. I’m worried some folks expectation’s are getting blown out of proportion, though I would love to believe the hype! The bottom line is there are plenty of people who were offended that Favre didn’t want anything to do with New York originally, but we all know things can change and people can adapt! I’m sure Coles has his doubts, but if Favre can make him a believer, then it will work out for everyone! If Favre does nothing else but give the Jets fans a lot of attention and hope for a year or two it might be worth it. Plus, who knows, if John Madden (Frank Caliendo) has anything to say about it, we won’t need to change QB’s until 2112! For those of you who haven’t had a chance, check it out on the link below, it’s hilarious.