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T-Rich: Mangini’s “Contemporary”

By Staff

What a great piece from Courant on Eric Mangini and his playful relationship with Jets fullback Tony Richardson. Som great quotes:

“I wanted to bring in a contemporary,” the 37-year-old Mangini said of Richardson, 36, after a May organized team .activities (OTA) practice. “Graduated high school the same year. Could actually relate to the same songs, things like that.”

And earlier in training camp, this: “He can give the history of football, playing in the leather helmets like he did.”

“He’s not just a milk truck, he has a little bit of wiggle,” Mangini said. “I’m sure, through arthritis and everything, maybe a little bit restricted, but he still has some fluidness.”

“Coach will be talking to guys about how to take care of their bodies, how to prolong their careers, and he’ll say, ‘Ask T-Rich; he’s been in the league 27 years,”‘ Richardson said. “I’m just like, oh goodness.”

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