Jets Smokescreen on Favre

By Staff

Are they or aren’t they? Will they or won’t they? Are the Jets talking about Brett Favre in secret inner circle meetings and will they pull the trigger on the boldest move in franchise history on the eve of the season opening? All of a sudden the Jets are popping up more and more in rumors regarding Brett Favre and it is always accompanied by the front office speak of “Not interested” or “No chance” but why is the media (not Jets fans) still talking about the Jets and Favre? Yes, everyone loves speculation like this and the all media are nothing if not sensationalists but the Favre to the Jets deal makes perfect sense all the way around.

Forget his age. Forget his theatrics. Forget his salary. Forget the compensation. Is he head and shoulders better than the 2-headed monster of Kellen Pennington? Yes sir. Brett Favre would give the Jets their best chance of going to the Super Bowl since they led the Broncos 10-0 heading into halftime of the 1998 AFC Title Game. For a guy like Mike Tannenbaum to leave no stone unturned in his search for players to improve the team it goes against logic to say the Jets are not at least exploring this avenue. To that I think they are exploring it and they are giving it serious thought and not dismissing it as their quotes would lead you to believe. After all, everything the Jets do now is a state secret so why should anyone think they’d admit they were interested in Favre even if they were?

I say take the plunge. What have the Jets got to lose? Thye have not been to a Super Bowl in 40 years! Favre is not the same guy that won those MVP trophies years ago but he is still better than about 25 other QB’s in the league right now. A special player like him should never become available like this and even if it is in the twilight of his career he still has plenty left in the tank to make the Jets a top 5 team in the AFC. The gunslinger in him will determine the plus or minus amount of games they play beyond the 16 game regular season. I say go get Brett and make him a Jet like he should have been all those years ago.